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Moore has firmly established herself as an exceptionally diverse talent in today’s music. Excelling in varying genres of songwriting, live performance and vocal production. In 2012, Mishal independently released her 5th studio project, 'I'm Not A Hipster' (2012). The self produced EP received exciting reviews and high praise for her unique, creative stance on electro-folk music from the likes of MTViggy and Bandcamp. The success of the EP was followed by a UK tour and produced multiple collaborations with notable producers such as DJ Spen, Says Who and the Layabouts. Mishal followed up with an EP mini titled 'Deux, Dois, Dos' (2013) which she recorded while touring the U.S. and successfully released, exclusively through Bandcamp. Mishal is currently touring as part of WeAreBaker, an Americana-rock inspired duo with bandmate Richard Cortez. Their debut release,
'Prologue: The Farmer’s Daughter EP' (2014) has succeeded in securing publishing with NOO Paris and will be a featured soundtrack in upcoming motion picture 'Slayer' (2015). Their anticipated sophomore release 'goatmouth' has been designated for release in the fall of 2015.

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CD Art

I'm Not A Hipster EP

I'm Not A Hipster is an eclectic mix of electronic and live sound with classic vocal and harmony.


Deux Dois Dos

Mini EP

Deux Dois Dos is a self-produced power-house mini EP

Prologue: The Farmer's Daughter


Mishal Moore and Richard Cortez's debut EP as WeAreBaker, a folk and americana inspired duo.

I'm Not A Hipster


I'm Not A Hipster is a unique and creative stance on electro-folk music.

Mixtape '08


This 2008 project continues to maintain a high level of demand.

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